Legacy Version

These are the docs for Directus 8, a legacy version of the platform. If you're looking for the current Directus 9 documentation, go here: https://docs.directus.io


Directus is a platform created and used by people all over the world. Not only does Directus allow you to easily author and manage multilingual content, the App itself can also be made available in any language.

Multilingual App

Directus supports internationalization across the entire Admin App, with many languages currently supported, and more being added each day through our CrowdIn Locales. Additionally, your custom schema can also be translated, including Collection and Field names.

Content Translations

Directus uses a translations interface to allow for managing content in as many languages as needed. Instead of simply creating new fields for each language, this interface stores translations relationally so your forms are not muddled with duplicate fields for each language. This also means that language-agnostic data such as dates or toggles can remain within the parent item.

Learn how to setup the Translations Interface

Custom Interfaces

For more advanced use-cases (eg: connecting to a third-party translation service), you can use the our modular extensions to easily create your own custom interfaces.