Legacy Version

These are the docs for Directus 8, a legacy version of the platform. If you're looking for the current Directus 9 documentation, go here: https://docs.directus.io

❤️ Supporting Directus

Directus is both premium and free — two things that don't often go together. It takes significant resources to maintain and advance the platform. If you'd like to help keep Directus active and open-source please consider supporting it through one of the methods below.

Financial Support

Our servers and full-time staff all cost money. Far more money than we generate through our paid Cloud Service or donations. For this reason, any financial support gets us closer to being self-sufficient. If you can spare the cash, we have a few ways to help us keep the lights on.


We accept memberships through GitHub Sponsors. These monthly donations are the ideal financial contribution since they're a bit more dependable and we can roughly predict the monthly amount. To become a sponsor, please visit our GitHub Sponsors page.

One-Time Donations

Unfortunately, GitHub Sponsors doesn't support one-time payments. Instead, you can use our PayPal account to send a single financial donation.


Our merchandise is a great way to support Directus – you get a shirt and we get some financial support and free advertising. We don't have an online store, but if you make a financial donation using the above methods we'd be happy to send you stuff. Just be sure to message us with sizing/shipping details. T-Shirts and bags require a minimum donation of $25 to cover shipping within the US, or $50 if shipping internationally. Sweatshirts and other premium merch is reserved for partners, sponsors, and our Core team of contributors.

Commissioned Features

Another great way to get something back for your financial support (other than our amazing software) is to commission a new Directus feature. If you need an interface, layout, or other custom feature – just reach out to our parent company to design and build it for you. If it can be merged into our Core codebase then it even benefits the entire community!

Is that bug not getting solved fast enough for your needs? We triage all of our reported bugs (App and API) based on priority and how long the fix is estimated to take. If you need a bug fixed sooner you can reach out to us about "sponsoring" it. We provide an cost estimate for subsidizing a more expeditious resolution.

Premium Support

For everything else, whether you just need a little extra help setting things up, or would like an ongoing monthly retainer of premium support hours, please reach out to support@directus.io.

Platform Contributions

Most of our financial support is used to compensate our Core Staff, so another excellent way to help out is by contributing your time or services. And don't worry, you don't even need to be a developer!

Pull Requests

Whether squashing bugs, optimizing the codebase, increasing test coverage, or adding new features, submitting pull-requests through GitHub is extremely valuable. The best places to contribute are our App (front-end) and API (back-end).

Learn more about Contributing


No technical skills? Not enough time for a pull-request? No problem! We have plenty of user guides and documentation that could use some extra attention. Fix spelling, add code examples, help organize, write new articles, or just check for broken links... it all helps.


Directus is a worldwide project. Our team and users are spread out across the globe and often speak different languages. If you do too, we'd love to get Directus translated into your native tongue. It's easy, and each new translation opens the door to a huge number of new users.

Bug Reporting

This one is surprisingly underutilized. If you encounter a bug within Directus, no matter how small, we would love to hear about it. With such a small team, it's difficult for us to test every commit. Sometimes after we update a small snippet of code, a totally different piece of code breaks elsewhere. More people using and testing the software is always good, but if no one reports the issues they come across then it may not get fixed!

Brand Advocates

No money or time?? You can still help us out. You can have the best software in existence, but if no one knows about it then what good is it? Marketing and advertising cost money... money we don't have (see above). You can help us avoid these costs by getting the word out... and that word is: Directus.

GitHub Stars

GitHub is the primary metric by which we measure our success. We literally have a display in our office that just shows us the live GitHub star count. If you have five seconds to spare, head over to our repos and give them a star! As an added bonus, when Directus gets enough stars in a short period of time, we become featured as "trending" on GitHub and even more people learn about our software.

Social Posts

Have a few followers on Twitter? A quick post mentioning our @directus account goes a long way. We've even been known to re-tweet some of our favorite shout-outs. And be sure to follow us to get the most up-to-date info on new features, releases, and sneak-peeks.


One sentence. Even that was a sentence and it was only two words! If you're a fan of Directus, we'd love to hear why with a short endorsement. Shoot us an email, Tweet, or Slack message. And if you'd like to have your testimonial on our website be sure to include your name, title, company, and picture.


It wouldn't be cost-effective for us to give out thousands of free shirts and sweatshirts (you can buy them!), but we can send out thousands of stickers, pins, magnets, and other "Stuff We All Get". Mention us on Twitter or even just shoot us an email with your shipping address and we'll send you some! Post a pic of our sticker somewhere awesome (and legal) and we might just send you a free shirt too! We can ship for free within the US, for international shipping, we may require a one-time donation to cover shipping costs. Believe it or not, it can cost us $50 or more just to send a few stickers to certain countries!

Project Badges

Headless and decoupled software is awesome because it all works behind the scenes. Great for you, but certainly doesn't help us get the word out. If you're using Directus, please consider adding a small badge to your site/app/project. We're designers too, so we completely understand if you can't needlessly busy up your UI... but even just a comment in your codebase or README goes a long way!